How Can You Get Involved

Women’s Department

  • 7:00 A.M. Daily Morning Manna Prayer

  • Annual Women's Conference

  • Annual Women's Retreat (August)

  • Annual Women's Mission Cruise

  • Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Secret Sister/ Random Acts of Kindness

  • Mobile Mammogram Screening

  • Family Life Conference

  • Tuesday Topics

  • Women’s Day

  • Mothers Matter Series

  • Prayer Breakfast

  • Arrendale State Prison

Men’s Department

The purpose of the Men’s Department is to work within the vision the Lord has given our Pastor, Dr. Roosevelt Allen, Jr. Our prayer is to build a strong foundation by teaching the men of Holy Bethel how to grow and mature into godly men. We intend to instruct men on how to be better husbands, good fathers, and committed saints. We encourage all the men of Holy Bethel to follow after God with all their heart.

The Men’s Department’s annual events include:

  • Men’s Conference:
    • "Is There a Man in the House?"
  • Church Picnic

Greeters’ Ministry & Hospitality Committee

  • The Greeters Ministry welcomes guests and members as they enter the doors of the church.
  • Greeters provide church bulletins and information to first-time visitors.
  • Greeters are pleasant, hospitable, patient, and helpful individuals who offer a smile and warm welcome to all who come to Holy Bethel.
  • The Hospitality Committee is responsible for coordinating banquets, luncheons, receptions, and related events.

Youth Department

The mission of the Youth Department is to train up our children in the way they should go, so that when they are old, they will not depart from God’s way (Proverbs 22:6).  We provide ministry opportunities that allow our youth to experience God’s love and presence

Our aim is to teach our children the basic principles of salvation, to help them learn and understand the word of God, and to train them to be effective workers in the Lord’s vineyard.

  • Our Youth and Children’s ministries include:
    • Youth Church | Children’s ChurchSunshine Band
    • Purity Class
    • Daughters of Zion
    • Young Women of Excellence/Young Men of Valor

Media Department

  • The Media Ministry is helping to move our church into the digital age. Their primary focus is outreach via media outlets, including audio and video recordings, live streaming via the internet, and the television ministry.
  • The Media Ministry is responsible for managing the church’s sound system and equipment as well as audio/video recordings of worship services.
  • The Media Ministry is always looking for members who are knowledgeable about sound and video production, but they are willing to train anyone who is interested in becoming part of this dynamic and vital ministry.

Usher Board

  • The ushers’ welcome guests and members as they enter the sanctuary of the church and assist with seating.
  • Ushers provide information for first-time visitors.
  • Ushers are pleasant, hospitable, patient, and prayerful individuals who offer a smile and warm welcome to all who come to Holy Bethel.

Sunday School Department

The mission of the Sunday School Department is to educate our members about God, His Word, and principles for godly living.

  • The Sunday School is divided into several classes:
    • Adult,
    • Young Adult (YAMs)
    • High School
    • Middle School
    • Primary
    • Pre-Kindergarten

The Sunday School meets every Saturday @ 10:00AM via conference call.

Pastor's Aide Committee

The mission of the Pastor’s Aide Committee is to provide assistance to our Pastor and First Family and to coordinate various events through which the members show their appreciation for our First Family’s service to the church. (Members of the Pastor’s Aide Committee are appointed.)

  • Annual events coordinated by the Pastor’s Aide Committee include:
    • Pastor’s Appreciation Weekend (October)
    • The Good Shepherdess March (March–part of the State Workers Meeting)
    • The Good Shepherd March (August–part of the State Convocation)

Public Relations Department

  • Reaching people who are far from God through sharing things we offer the community.
  • Share specific messages with the public
    • Bring awareness to the activities and ministries within the church.
  • Website Strategy
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Advertising
    • Google Review
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube